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Power Generation in an emergency

Continual electricity (power) supply is crucial at times when disaster strikes. At (as a part of the Pal Hire Group) we have the ability to respond to emergency power needs with the right equipment wherever you are in the UK.

Being a nationwide company with a single point of contact we can help you specify your generator requirements, tailor your power distribution package and ensure that power keeps generating by managing your fuel requirements for you. This single point of contact ensures you can concentrate on the relief effort, flood recovery or restoring a permanent source of electricity.

We have the capacity to power critical installations, such as hospitals, factories, cooling units, pumps and other mission critical functions which require power during a time of crisis. We can cater for all aspects of emergency power, providing specific distribution, multi-phase and dedicated supply with the option of contingency so you know the power solution provided when you need it is fit purpose and ready to assist in the emergency recover process.

What you need to know

To assist in your provision of emergency power using any form of generator, you need to understand what you need to power. In a civil contingency role, power needs can fluctuate as mains power is restored. We have the ability to work with you to ensure that you only have on hire what you require. Speak to one of our professional team for more details. If you are looking to supply power for a factory, distribution plant, small holding, village or heavy load such as industrial refrigeration then please call our team we can have a source of power with you as soon as practical.

Dedicated Fuel Management

You will benefit from single point fuel management to ensure your emergency power is constant and maintained. You will also benefit from reduce fuel rates and not having to find fuel which may not be as easy to obtain at this moment in time. Depending on the application of your generators (What you are intending to power and duration) will depend on the way in which we set up fuelling. All generators have internal tanks however we can provide bulk fuel tanks which can be hooked up to provide longer run times. Bulk fuel attracts lower price per litre.

Fuel consumption varies and depends on the load of the generator. Ask for details on enquiry.

Flood Warning