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diesel generator sales

06 Aug 2009

If you’re looking for diesel electric generators for sale, you’re in the right place. Call us for a quote, whatever your requirements, and we’ll be glad to help (the number’s at the top of the page). We’ve got new and used diesel generators for sale ranging from 13kva to 30kva to 275kva to 550kva (and everything in between:-). 550kva Generator for Sale or Hire GEP500-550 We’ve got new CAT and Perkins Generators at great prices – if you need technical assistance, we’re more than happy to send an engineer to your site to ensure you’re getting the right generator for the job. We can also provide Fuel Management Services to ensure uninterrupted power and a hassle-free service that ensures your generator is running at all times and we can provide power for Waterpump applications nationwide as well as the power for Tower Crane applications nationwide

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